Juan Andrés Naranjo Martínez

Marco A. Subía M.

The Firm

Founded in 1991, our firm offers prestige, dependability and innovation.

We have a team of highly qualified attorneys who combine experience and youth and gear their efforts to developing sound, personalized solutions for our clients in a variety of areas.

We are at the vanguard of technological infrastructure, which translates into great effectiveness in providing services.

Our goal is to maintain excellence and always respect ethical and legal principles. This makes Naranjo Martínez & Subía an example and model for others. We also gear our efforts to anticipating the future needs of our clients, and insofar as possible to preventing adverse situations.

Thanks to our Best Friends network with prestigious firms around the world, we are also able to globalize our services and adjust them to our clients’ needs in Ecuador and abroad.


The comprehensive advising that we offer at Naranjo Martínez & Subía can rely on international support from first-class firms that allow us to break down territorial barriers and serve our clients outside Ecuador.

The prestigious law firms that are members of this international network are firms that share the principles of quality, timeliness and excellence.