We provide legal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in each of our practice areas.

Aviation Law

We are leaders in the practice of Aviation Law in Ecuador, providing regulatory advice, permit acquisition, and representation for national and international airlines. With a track record of service excellence, we are internationally recognized for our quality, innovation, and leadership in the field.

Conflict Resolution

We represent our clients in a wide range of legal disputes, from civil and commercial conflicts to labor, tax, and administrative matters. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to add value in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and litigation.

Civil and Commercial Law

We advise our clients in all aspects of their civil and commercial relationships, crafting contracts to safeguard their interests and resolving contractual disputes.

Corporate and Business Law

Our team of expert lawyers focuses on providing comprehensive advice for companies at every stage of their development. We simplify legal complexities, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Labor Law

We offer innovative and strategic solutions to address a variety of labor situations. Our firm is committed to supporting the interests of our clients at every stage of their employment and ensuring compliance with their labor obligations.

Intellectual Property

Our team of Intellectual Property experts provides timely and effective advice to our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights, both nationally and internationally.

Tax Law

Our team of experts in tax and finance combines experience and knowledge to provide strategic solutions. We offer services ranging from tax planning to representation in tax processes, consultations with tax authorities, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fiscal efficiency.

Banking Law

Our firm provides strong support in Banking Law, offering comprehensive advice in negotiations, contracts, and financial litigation. Additionally, we provide representation services in claims before regulatory bodies, ensuring effective support for various players in the financial sector and their users.

Administrative Law

We specialize in handling defense cases in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings. Our professionals bring extensive expertise in navigating relationships between government entities and private companies.

Constitutional Law

We provide advice to our clients in a variety of areas related to Constitutional Law. We sponsor our clients in constitutional litigation and the filing of public actions of unconstitutionality.

Hotel and Tourism Law

With extensive experience in the hotel and tourism sector, we advise tourism chambers and operators on various legal aspects. Our lawyers have a significant presence in Galápagos and extensive experience in its special regime.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We stand out for carrying out high-complexity mergers and acquisitions operations in various economic sectors. We offer a comprehensive approach covering company acquisitions, corporate restructurings, mergers, and spin-offs, with a successful track record in national and international operations.

Real Estate Law

We provide a wide range of services related to real estate investment and promotion throughout the Ecuadorian territory, including in the Special Regime of Galápagos.

Competition Law

We offer general advice on Competition Law, covering situations related to concentration control, administrative infringement procedures, and the filing of administrative and judicial appeals, among others.

Immigration Law

We offer specialized advice on immigration matters, facilitating the mobility of investors and foreign workers and the establishment of companies in Ecuador.

Personal Data Protection

In the field of Personal Data Protection, we specialize in safeguarding information privacy, and providing advice on regulatory compliance for companies and individuals.


Complementary Services

Through our affiliated company specializing in integrated professional services (SIPEG Cia. Ltda.), we offer accounting, tax, and payroll management services.

Accounting Services

We provide precise and reliable accounting management for businesses of all sizes.

Tax Services

Our expert team ensures that your business complies with all tax obligations and helps identify tax-saving opportunities within the framework of the law.

Payroll Management

Our team takes care of the comprehensive management of aspects related to payroll, ensuring compliance with your labor obligations.