Tatiana Tacuri

Supervisor of Financial Consulting


Tatiana is part of the accounting department at Servicios Profesionales Integrados SIPEG. She focuses her practice on matters related to the tax and accounting areas of various companies.

In the tax field, she is dedicated to the preparation of tax declarations and tax-related annexes. Tatiana is responsible for organizing, preparing, and submitting tax obligations, as well as preparing tax reports and documentation for external audits and control entities.

In the accounting field, she is responsible for the preparation and management of reports, annexes, and invoices, including retentions and reconciliations. She also thoroughly reviews and analyzes the accounting record of transactions, providing detailed analysis and presenting financial statements for companies, along with additional information for public and private entities.

Her recent experience includes detailed accounting for commercial and service companies, as well as accounting for individuals. Additionally, she has worked on preparing tax compliance reports and in-depth analysis of financial statements, demonstrating a meticulous and comprehensive approach to her accounting and tax practice.