Dr. Juan Andrés Naranjo Martínez


Special Regimen for the Galapagos Islands

Whereas they constitute a special government regimen by virtue of their particular environmental features and constitute a world natural heritage, their territory is administered by a government council and special regulations for the region.”[1]

Naranjo Martínez & Subía maintains an important presence in the Galapagos Islands and acts as the attorneys for that region’s major tourism industry associations, such as the Galapagos Tourism Chamber (CAPTURGAL) and the Association of Tour Operators (ADATUR).  This allows us to have in-depth knowledge about the needs and requirements of all of the islands’ economic stakeholders.

We advise our clients in the region and handle efforts on their behalf in matters related to labor, company and environmental matters, as well as corporate matters in general, involving public entities including the Galapagos National Park and the government council.

[1] Organic Law for the Special Regimen in the Province of Galapagos.