Ab. María Gracia Naranjo Ponce


Lcda. Adriana Vélez Sampedro


Financial, Accounting and Tax-Related Issues

Naranjo Martínez & Subía has seen the need to offer our clients financial, accounting and tax management guidance responding to requirements growing out of changing laws. We therefore have legal and accounting experts who combine their experience in order to provide our clients with comprehensive advising.

Financial, accounting and tax-related issues can draw on our team’s expertise and experience, which allow us to offer strategic solutions and provide the following services:

  • Analyzing and interpreting company operations, seeking the best representation of annual accounts while reconciling them with mercantile rules and regulations and optimizing their fiscal impact.
  • Collaborating with companies during account inspections, reviews or audits.
  • Advising in the preparation of annual and consolidated accounts.
  • Advising on combining businesses (mergers, divisions, total asset transfers, etc.).
  • Supporting the identification of the accounting parameters or figures used or required by mercantile or commercial law.
  • Assessing tax-related impacts of the application of accounting regulations.
  • Processing inquiries/claims with the Ecuadorian Internal Revenue Service.
  • Analyzing the accounting rules and regulations applicable to specific sectors (air, maritime, construction, etc.).