Lcda. Adriana Vélez Sampedro



Adriana heads the financial and accounting areas at Naranjo Martínez y Subía. Her practice is focused on matters related to labor, accounting and productivity.

In the area of taxation, she handles the filing of fiscal, municipal and aeronautical tax returns. She is responsible for monitoring timely compliance with tax obligations, as well as for managing external audits and oversight by government agencies in national and foreign companies.  She thus provides ongoing advising to both national and foreign firms in these areas.

In the area of labor affairs, she handles employee payroll and company benefits. She also advises companies, employees and government entities on compliance with labor-related obligations.

In the area of accounting, she coordinates the preparation of accurate transaction records and the submission of companies’ financial statements to public and private enterprises.

In the area of productivity, she advises on planning, implementing and improving processes that will increase management and accounting productivity.



    Her recent experience includes:

    • Aviation industry accounting
    • Commercial and industrial companies’ accounting
    • Corporate tax compliance
    • Human resources and compliance with labor-related obligations
    • Accounting integration and alignment procedures
    • Accounting procedures for company startup
    • Budget analysis
    • Narmarsub Representations, 2015 – to date.
    • Avianca Group, 2001 – 2014.
    • ALES Industries, 1999 – 2001.
    • ATU Steel Products, 1992 – 1999.
    • Diploma for a productivity and costs specialization, Simon Bolivar Andean University, 2013.
    • Certification, expert on accounting and taxation control, Pichincha Accountants Association, 2000.
    • Undergraduate degree in Accounting with certification as an Authorized Public Accountant (CPA equivalent), Central University of Ecuador, 1991.


    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Taxation